School & Colleges


Colleges need to utilize the IT infrastructure that they already have in place, as this would make the College operate more efficiently for staff and students alike.

With NEOX IP-PBX, colleges will get all class 5 features i.e. auto attendant, individual voicemail, voice-to-email, wireless handsets integration. None of this is available in traditional analog system. IP-PBX Solution will also significantly reduce both call and maintenance costs.”

Challenges Features Benefits
constant connectivity Lack of constant connectivity for professors on the move Extension mobility i.e. carry college extension on mobile Professors can stay connected within college premises i.e. Class room, Library, Cafeteria etc.
Triple-play services Complicated wiring & cabling for triple-play services within building Single cabling for triple-play services Offer multiple services VoIP Intercom, Data & Video Intercom
Meet-me Conference Require Platform for Staff Meetings Meet-me Conference Eliminate the need of being physically present when you can attend the same over phone
Multi College Centralized IP-PBX Multi-College connectivity from remote location Multi College Centralized IP-PBX Connect to same LAN / WAN network for all group colleges
IVR Lack of auto attendant configuration Web Configurable IVR Tree Management Create multi level IVR's - When a call lands on reception, IVR will help the caller to get connected to the right person. i.e. Dial 1 for Finance Dept, Dial 2 for Marketing Dept etc
Independent IP-Phone connectivity Plug and Play phones Location independent IP-Phone connectivity Move Your desk extension as you move to other desk, class rooms or meetings.
High Availability Lack of redundancy for constant connectivity NEOX High Availability for constant connectivity Reduced risk of connectivity loss with redundant servers
100% concurrent calls 100 % concurrent calls for all users NEOX facilitates 100 % concurrent calls for all users Maximized user call concurrency within the building premises
No additional Hardware Cost Add or Remove extensions as per college requirements No additional hardware cost for scalability Easily increase capacity during student enrollment & reduced capacity during summer break.
Proprietary Licensing Proprietary Licensing Issues Supports multi-vender interoperability Supports both high & low cost gateways, IP & Analog Phones
Vendor Lockin Lack of proper support and offsite management Strong post sales support & anytime-anywhere offsite management Constant customer support & flexibility of offline management (GUI Interface)
Security Surveillance Security Surveillance within the premises Visitor Verification, Security Guard Secure college premises with compatible IP Camera i.e. Main Gate, Lab, Class Rooms etc
One Box Solution One Box Solution for all your communication needs Billing Server, Intercom, Voicemail, IVR, Caller Tunes, Auto Call Back etc Multiple features in the same box without incurring additional cost