In the current dynamic financial market, communication is the inevitable channel for the BFSI industry. Banking and Financial services industries are on high demand for fastest mode of communication to connect with their customers to provide the right suggestion at the right time. The solution should be qualitative with no downtime at the same time it is expected to be most cost-effective. Apart from the reliability and quality, security of the system also plays a major role in the productivity of the staff.

NEOX communication systems have products that provide comprehensive solution which offers unified communication with constant connectivity resulting in increasing productivity.

Challenges Features Benefits
constant connectivity Lack of constant connectivity to sales team on the move Offers constant connectivity to users i.e. office ext to mobile. Work anywhere everywhere Sales team Office calls can be forwarded on their mobile extension, Call Forward etc
Multi Bank Centralized IP-PBX Multi- Branch connectivity from remote office Multi Bank Branches on Centralized IP-PBX Swiftly connects to same LAN / WAN network for all offices
Multi-network conference Multi-network conference between different employees at different location Meet-me Conference Eliminate the need of being physically present when you can attend the same over phone
additional hardware cost Costly hardware for additional network expansion Easily scalable solution with add/remove user facility Easily increase No. of users to support your growing business
Triple-play services Complicated wiring & cabling for triple-play services Single cabling for triple-play services within office network Offer multiple services VoIP Intercom, Data & Video Intercom
Lawful interception Lawful interception and compliance to govt. bodies LI Interface ready Maintains Call logs & records as per legal requirements & generate on demand CDR’s
High Availability Lack of redundancy for constant connectivity NEOX High Availability for constant connectivity Reduced risk of connectivity loss with redundant servers
100% concurrent calls 100 % concurrent calls for all users Facilitates 100 % concurrent calls for all users Maximized user call concurrency
Proprietary Licensing Proprietary Licensing Issues Supports multi-vender interoperability Supports both high & low cost gateways, IP & Analog & Soft Phones
Post Sales Support Lack of proper support - Product upgrade & offsite management Strong post sales support & anytime-anywhere offsite management & product upgrades with AMC Constant customer support, Product upgrade & flexibility of offline management to keep your PBX cutting edge
IVR Lack of auto attendant configuration Web Configurable IVR Tree Management Create multi level IVR's - When a call lands on reception, IVR will help the caller to get connected to the right dept. i.e. Dial 1 for Branch Banking, Dial 2 for Investment officer etc
Security Surveillance Security Surveillance within Bank premises Security Surveillance within the premises Secure bank premises with open SIP compatible IP Cameras i.e. Main Gate access, ATM Access, Locker Access, Safe Deposit Vault Access, Cashier Access
One Box Solution One Box Solution for all your communication needs Intercom, Voicemail, Video Calling, Voice to E-Mail, IVR, Caller Tunes, Auto Call Back etc Multiple features in the same box without incurring additional cost
Access Management Database secured access Access Management – Master database access to only authenticated users Complete data security – you control who has access to your information
Independent IP-Phone connectivity Plug and Play phones Location independent IP-Phone connectivity Move Your desk extension as you move to other desk, conference rooms or meetings
Vendor Lockin Vendor Lockin NEOX Interoperability Users can opt for cost-effective IP Phones
API Integration Integration with CRM for Mobile Banking NEOX CRM API integration Mobile Banking is a good example of an application enabled by IP PBX through Database Integration
Call Center Call Centre Module NEOX Dial Centre / Call Centre Application NEOX also has full-fledge Dial Centre Software which can easily be integrated with IP-PBX